23 February 2018

Fine Ferstadt

We've been looking a bit at the comic book work of Louis Goodman Ferstadt over the last couple weeks. Ferstadt was also known as a muralist, painting for the WPA and for the World's Fair, most notably. He also painted in watercolours and oils, and his works can still occasionally be found for sale in galleries.

Some paintings:

Night Life

Park Pond

Seated Figure

Untitled (Protection Of The Child By The Child Protection Act)

Untitled Watercolour

Untitled Watercolour

Painting Of A Drag Queen

Fanciful Landscape

...and some murals...

Greatest Show On Earth

You probably knew we were going to get to an odd bit along the way, and we have arrived at the Lost Murals. The large panel we see Ferstadt painting in the 3 images below, and the smaller panel that follows, were intended to hang in the WPA Director's office. That never happened, and the murals disappeared and were lost. It has been speculated that this was due to Louis's work in the 1930s, doing cartoons for the Daily Worker. Political backlash being the likely culprit for whatever happened to the lost paintings.

Radio Service To The Public

Unfortunately, i've been unable to find any of those Daily Worker comics.
But i'll keep looking...

EDIT: Oops - forgot the colour mural image:

Farm Tragedy

all art by Louis Goodman Ferstadt


  1. Yes those Daily Worker examples would be good to see. Great to see these all together thanks for that. So much talent not for everyone I guess but can you imagine walking around there and coming upon those murals love a time machine for that! I believe I have seen that Drag Queen example advertised for forty thousand dollars but could be wrong? Thanks for the posts fine examples would love that night life on my wall! FF

  2. You're not wrong. Painting Of A Drag Queen is currently on offer for $45,000 from The Emporium Ltd. in New York.
    But, even a time machine wouldn't be enough to see all of his murals. You'd need to do some sleuthing, too, and find those missing panels.
    I'm greedy. I'd want The Greatest Show On Earth on my wall. I'd need more wall, but still...
    Perhaps in part because it reminds me of the only mural i ever painted, a circus themed piece for Chuck E. Cheese.