29 September 2017

Friday Fun & Games 011 - Video Whozit

Welcome once again to my way of avoiding participation in Friday Night Fights -

You might have noticed that yesterday's post had almost nothing to do with comics - only the presence of a Garfield doll as a nod in that direction. Jack Kirby's centennial just a couple weeks after starting the blog kind of brought the focus strictly to comics, but that's not my overall intent. Comics will always be a big part of the blog, but not the limits.
So today, we take another step to expand from comics to movies & tv. Our subject is Video Comic Book/Superhero Characters. Some of the following are adaptations of existing comic book characters, others are newly created for their source videos. Your job, identify the characters and where they come from. In the case of tv shows, only the series needs to be identified, not the particular episode.
(BTW - I pulled all these caps from my vids, so don't expect to be able to easily reverse image search thinking they'll match existing files from the web)

Video Whozit #01

As usual, you can click for a bigger view to aid in identification as needed or desired.

Tune In Tomorrow for the answers - Same ODD Blog! Same ODD Time!

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