04 August 2017

Friday Fun & Games #003 - WHOZIT? (King Kirby 014)

Yes, it's the King Kirby 100, but it is also Friday! That means it's time for a special edition of :

Today's game:


Identify by name, if you can, these Jack Kirby drawn creatures and fiends

Whozit #1:
This poor guy just wanted to be human. Probably so he could have a 'real' name, instead of ___________.

Whozit #2:
 This guy shouldn't exist, but he does! He was called _______________.

Whozit #3:
This ugly crawling creature was known as _______________________.

Whozit #4:
Everybody talks about giant monkeys, but only Kirby draws 'em. This big monkey's name was _________.

Whozit #5:
This ugly dude was known more by a title than a name. That title was _________________.

Whozit #6:
This guy got himself into some hairy trouble in the high mountains. He was ____________________.

Okay - that's it for now. Work out your answers and you can check them on tomorrow's Saturday Solutions.

nope. no credits today - too easy. credits tomorrow

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