12 March 2019

The Monkees Meet The Beezles

In case you wandered in due to a misundertaking* about the title of this post, we already looked at when The Monkees met The Beatles.

Back in the days before ancient mariners returning from the far east gave out Gremlins, they tried Beezles. And Peter, of course, brought one home...

Perhaps not surprisingly, Beezles were not the only thing Peter brought home...

And so it went...

page art by Jose Delbo for The Monkees #s 14 & 16 (1968)

*(Misundertaking/misundertake: to mistake based upon a misunderstanding.)

10 March 2019

DamnIt! We Lost Pete Again

As most of you likely already know, we lost Peter Tork on the 21st of February.

I guess it could be an advantage in being as isolated as i've been lately - for me, Peter was with us for a couple weeks longer. He passed peacefully, his family reported, at the age of 77. I'm sure others have already been reporting on his life and death. I've nothing new to add to the conversation. Instead, we'll go old - back to the 60s and, of course, The Monkees. Let's mix comics and articles (or excerpts) from 1967-68, all featuring Pete, of course -

For a final little brain melting bit of oddness - did you know that Jim Aparo drew a few Monkees comic strips?

In case you were wondering, Valleri was written by Boyce & Hart, so she's probably not actually from Pete's past.

So long, Pete. I'll miss you even though i'll hear you quite frequently.

The music lives on.

pages from The Monkees #s 6, 8, 13 & 16 (US), Monkees Annual '67 (UK), Meet The Monkees, TV Guide and Teen Times/Tunes (1967, 1968, unpub)
illustrations by -3- and Scott Shaw!