26 June 2019

Ernie! Confound It! What Have You Done Now?

Ernie was a guy who never caught on, it seems. But, he tried. He had three different strips (all by 'Vic Brown'), each appearing in a different title. He debuted in All Great Comics in 1945, and popped up in both Rocket Kelly and Zoot Comics in '46.

Although he may only have had these three comic tales, it seems his adventures were ongoing well before that time. The first story opens up "Yes! Ernie has blown the top off the peace and quiet of his home again!" And Ernie's father is already tired of his dren...

Ernie's interests turn from science to fantasy for his next tale. (We're guessing on the order here. One story is from August-September issue, the other is from the Fall issue. Ipsy/bipsy) His attentions have turned from chemistry to the tales of One Thousand And One Nights...

He manages to combine his interests in science and fantasy for his third, and final, tale...

Although Ernie may only have had three appearances in the comics, he got a pretty good ending to his stories.

page art from All Great Comics (nn), Rocket Kelly #4, Zoot Comics #3 (1945, 1946)

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