12 January 2019


After repeated failures to stop Frankenstein, something had to change. Bulldog Denny was having about as much success against the creature as British Bulldog had facing his monster.

But then - a new plan arose...

If at first you don't succeed - get help!

At the end of the previous post, i introduced a few of the other stars of Prize Comics. There is a reason i chose those particular characters...

With very rare exceptions like Peter Porker and Captain Carrot, i'm not recalling another crossover/team-up that included cartoon comedy characters with superheroes. From the moment the General and the Corporal showed up at the conference table, my head was spinning.

Of course, once you've caught the creature - what do you do with him...?

...and with that we entered a transitional period for Dick Briefer's Frankenstein. A new direction was coming, but they didn't seem to be certain what that was...

page art by Frank Briefer for Prize Comics #s 23-25 (1942)


  1. The late Denis Gifford (a British comics collector and historian) used to draw a Frankenstein character in a UK comic that was the double of Dick Briefer's. Not sure how he got away with it - might be worth looking up.

  2. I have a few UK reprints of Briefer's Frankentstein from Arnold. Did Gifford later supply them with new material, or was this from a different publisher?

    1. I believe it was a different publisher. I have the info somewhere, I'll share it with you when I find it.