16 April 2018

Vamping Without The Vamp

For today's Blue Monday post in our adult content back room, we've got a trio of tales from Vampirella magazine back in the '70s. We've got some folks you might not be used to seeing work together - like Jim Starlin & Alex Nino, and some you might not be used to seeing do 'blue' material at all - like Carmine Infantino (with inks by Alfredo Alcala). Those old Warren magazines hid a lot of odd little treasures like that for those who ventured off the path of the mainstream colour comics in those days.

To view the artwork, please follow the link to the full post on The Other Voice Of ODD!

Brother Hawk by Nicola Cuti, Carmine Infantino & Alex Nino for Vampirella #61, Wolf Hunt by Joe Wehrle & Esteban Maroto for Vampirella #74, The Service by Bruce Jones, Jim Starlin & Alfredo Alcala for Vampirella #78

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