16 May 2018

Slow Posting Schedule

I've referred to myself as a hermit in the past, and not merely facetiously.

Minimal though it may be, this blog is my single greatest link to the world outside my cave. Nearly ten months on and it's still up and running - somehow.

But the innate sociopath wants to dig deeper into the cave and block the entrance at times.

I'm working on it.

Johnny Lee Miller being entirely too relatable for me on Elementary (201-)


  1. At whatever pace, I've enjoyed this site and would loathe to see it disappear. Hang in there man and keep on trucking!

    Rip Off

  2. I agree with Rip (as I often find myself doing!). And I see where you're coming from. For 10 years now, the Internet has been my main connection to the outside world. I go days at a time without leaving the house and all of my closest friends are virtual.

  3. Thanks to you both.
    I don't plan on stopping any time soon. This is good for my mental health as well as tethering me to the world at large. But i felt i should post something of an indicator so folks might know that management was aware of the situation, so to speak.

    I get out of the cave a couple times a month for supply runs & medical monitoring, but that's largely it. I can go a couple weeks or more without seeing a live human being. They seem to like it that way.

    The way my mind can lose focus prevents me from doing any serious work, but the nature of this blog is broad-spectrum enough to allow it to go where it wants. And often, there is a flow that can make it less apparent. So while the big pile of cavemen sits there mocking me, my mind wandered off to some ancient Joe Kubert for tomorrow. Well, that's fair - Joe Kubert could be argued as the reason why DC comics didn't have painted covers on caveman comics. You got Joe Kubert drawing and inking them, you don't need no cave paintings.

    So, i may ramble, run down dead end alleys and off cliffs occasionally, but i expect to keep at this for a goodly while. There just may be the odd period of mental rebellion as the hermit tries to crawl back deeper in the cave.