01 August 2020

Back In The USSA

Somebody's been working very hard to get that Dictator's Military Parade he wanted...

Remember way back when we had a government?
Count the felons these days and you'll find we now have a criminal cartel instead.

Remember way back when you could respect the Republicans* even if you didn't agree with them? Back before they openly embraced Facism? (RINO = Republican who doesn't goosestep in proper formation) Back before they became so detached from the real world that they started confusing a Pro-Fact bias with Anti-Conservative?

Remember back when factual reality had value? Back when we were actually capable of solving problems? Now we can't even honestly identify them; too busy warping reality to fit political delusions. 


*(I know some will start thinking "HEY! I'm a Republican and I..."
Let me stop you there. No - you're not. That's a control mechanism.
Unless you're an office holder or policy maker, you're not Republican/Democrat/Whatever. 
You're a Voter.  The mark. The rube. The ones they spend millions upon millions of dollars figuring out what to say to get you to march along with them. They get you to say/think you're whatever so you won't have to think any more.
And at that point, you're not really Republican or Democrat or whatever, either.
You're just their bitch.)

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30 July 2020

Fake President, Real Whining

System still crippled by the OS thinking it knows more than the user. An all too often occurring flaw these days. (And all too related to the material below) Trying to deal with multi-image posts as normal isn't viable currently. So let's try some more topical, single-image postings, shall we?

Reality keeps creeping up on Fake President. It must be getting hard to keep that bubble that isolates him from the world in which the rest of us live from popping. And that desperation shows more day by day. Like his ongoing rantings already declaring that the upcoming election is obviously going to be Fake because he's in danger of losing. Badly.

So, as usual, factual reality is his enemy...

Y'know - "Bubble boy" might be a fairly apt nickname for our Fake Pres, eh?

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29 July 2020

It Yet Lives

Though absent, i'm fine.

The system, on the other hand...

Once again this machine was murdered by it's operating system. Linux seems to like to upgrade the OS invisibly in the background without warning the user, nor seeking permission. Had it asked, i could have told it that power would be disrupted within the hour. But, it doesn't believe that the User should be part of the process of owning and operating their own machine, so...

For the second time this was turned into a brick by OS arrogance. Might as well be using a microsoft based machine. (And, in point of fact, if i can find a good laptop that can run Windows 7, i shall)

Meanwhile, i'm booting off a USB stick while seeking direction and solutions.
If any Linux users know of a distro that does NOT auto-update, do speak up, eh?

I'll be back before too long. Just need to sort out a fix and implement it.

See You Then

25 July 2020

The Yankee Wasn't From Conecticut (or Can't Get Enough Dick (your choice))

Before we dig in to today's Dick Briefer brief, let's make a quick stop at the first page of the first issue (#3, because - comics!) of Boy Comics, from whence today's tales originated. And bring back a logo we haven't seen since the early days of this blog...

We'll not be looking closer at this guy...

(Obviously the victim of steroid shrinkage)

...because who knows what we might see!

But, also - it shows one of the big problems for today's feature. The early issues of Boy Comics are scarce. So much so that i've only ever seen microfiche copies of most of them. Out of his first dozen appearances, i only have 4 paper copies.

So, naturally, those will be the ones we look at today. 

Yankee Longago - The Boy Of To-Day In The Land Of Yesterday, like another Yankee recorded by Sam Clemens and popularized by Bing Crosby, isn't so tightly bound by time as most folks. In his first adventure, instead of leaping back to King Arthur's court, he found himself in the lands of King Cole (who was NOT a merry old soul). He quickly established himself as someone worthy of note by putting out Bad Bimbo's eye with a rubber band & paper clip. Shortly after, he was cranking out bicycles, parachutes, and weapons of war to bring about change in the land before returning home.

However, on his second 'trip in time' he did find his way to Arthur's time - back before Arthur was King. After helping him to pull the sword from the stone, Yankee winds up facing off against an evil Merlin before returning to his own time.

And now we come to his 3rd tale, the first i have on paper. So let's join with Yankee as he meets Al - the Alchemist (and a couple more famous characters)...

A couple issues later, Yankee was meeting up with Napoleon...

Having previously corrected "Chris" that he was seeing Brooklyn, not India, Yankee's travels brought him closer to home...

Our final tale today brings Ponce De Leon to meet Longago at the Fountain...

Between 1942 and 1946, Dick Briefer did about two dozen of Yankee's adventures.
I'll see how many more i can dig up on paper.

page art by Dick Briefer from Boy Comics #s 5, 7, 12, & 14 (1942, 1943, 1944)

24 July 2020

Thunder Fun With Jack & Dick

Man, i hope whoever decided to "upgrade" Blogger to justify their job loses that job in a very loud way that discourages others from continuing this vile practice.

I say that because it's been about 45 minutes of struggle to get all of today's pics to upload. And that's becoming quite frequent and likely to start leading to skip days or time off from blogging.


Okay, let's try to get the mind back around to where it was an hour ago. I had a good intro in my head, but it seems to have gotten tired of the wait and gone walkies.

Didja know that Dick Briefer inked Jack Kirby? They did four stories together, including the first time that Kirby had a Thunder God up against the aliens from Saturn, decades before Journey Into Mystery's debut of Thor.

Of course, it was different Saturnians...

...and a different Thunder-God...

...not to mention a different art style since they were working in C.C. Beck's playground.

As you may have noted over time, i generally prefer not to work with reprints. For today's tale, we have little choice in the matter. I've never seen an intact copy of the original comic. On the plus side, i didn't have to do any de-aging today.

From 64 Pages Of New Captain Marvel Adventures (seriously, that's the title of the book from 1941) here's The Monsters Of Saturn...

One of the reasons i tend to disfavour the reprints is the colours often come across as garishly not right. In part, that comes from working with much whiter/brighter paper and from changing aesthetics. 

If you perceive things the same way, you can fix it for yourself. Here's the story with just the line work so you can colour to your own preferences -

And, bonus - something to keep busy if you need it.

page art by Jack Kirby and Dick Briefer from 64 Pages Of New Captain Marvel Adventures #1 (nn) (1941)